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    In January of 1962, NOSA decided to have crests made that were to consist of a Dog Head and the words ‘North Saanich Dog Obedience Training Club. Mr. I. Dallain and Commander Douglas Craven, the designers, chose the Eskimo Dog to be featured on the crest.

    The North Saanich Dog Obedience Training Club — or NOSA, for short — is the second-oldest dog obedience club in B.C.’s Capital Regional District (after the Greater Victoria Dog Obedience Training Club). The acronym NOSA was formed 60 years ago by using the first two letters in the words “North Saanich,” a rural municipality just outside Sidney, British Columbia, on the tip of southern Vancouver Island. Our constitution and bylaws are available here.

    From its 1947 origin as a private club, NOSA offered its first lessons to the public beginning in June, 1954. Classes were held in a variety of places before NOSA made Sidney’s Sanscha Hall home four years later. NOSA is Sanscha Hall’s oldest, continuous tenant (56 years). It was among the first community groups to use the facility when it opened in 1958 and was one of the first groups to use the ‘Mary Winspear Community Cultural Centre @ Sanscha’ when it opened in the fall of 2001. Sanscha is actually an acronym for ‘Sidney and North Saanich Community Hall Association’.

    More than 4,000 dogs have received training through NOSA’s beginner programs. Since many dog owners remain with the club in order to go on to more advanced training levels, NOSA estimates it has handled well over 17,000 registrations over the years. NOSA not only shows dog owners how to train their pets; the club also teaches and promotes responsible dog ownership among its members and the community alike.

    NOSA also has a second component as a competition obedience club. Over the years, NOSA members have placed in Canadian Kennel Club national obedience rankings. NOSA is one of only two dog obedience clubs in the Capital Regional District sanctioned by the Canadian Kennel Club to stage licensed dog obedience trials. The club holds this trial every April. NOSA is also a member of the Association of Island Obedience Clubs (AIOC) — an alliance of dog obedience clubs on Vancouver Island from Victoria to Campbell River. The AIOC celebrated its 50th year in 2010.

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