Upcoming Events and Club Dates

     Event Calendar

    Links to premiums for trials will be added to this listing as they become available. You can also check for premiums on the BC events pages on Canuckdogs.

    November 14th NOSA Mock Trial
    November 17-18th NKC CKC Obedience Premium
    November 21st NOSA General Meeting
    December 1 CKC Sanction Match – Scent Detection Information Here
    January 9th NOSA Winter Classes begin
    February 24 FPO & TC AIOC Obedience Trials
    March 12 GVDOTC CKC Urban Tracking
    March 16-17 FPO & TC CKC Field Tracking
    March 23 NOSA & GVDOTC AIOC Obedience and Rally Trials
    April 6 COWN AIOC Obedience Trials
    April 20-21 NOSA CKC Obedience and Rally Trials
    April 27-28 FPO & TC CKC Urban Tracking
    May 25-26 GVOTC CKC Rally and Obedience Trials
    June 16-17 NKC CKC Rally Trials and Show (14-17)
    July 14 AVKC AIOC Obedience and Rally Trials
    July 21 NKC AIOC Rally Trials
    July 22 NKC CARO Rally Trials
    September 28-29 FPO & TC CKC Obedience
    October 5 COWN AIOC Obedience trials
    Oct 12-13 FPO & TC Tracking
    Oct 20 NOSA & GVDOTC AIOC Obedience and Rally
    October 26-27 FPO & TC CKC Rally
    November 4 NKC AIOC Obedience Trials
    November 17-18 NKC CKC Obedience Trials

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