SDDA Trial – July 9, 2022 – Information

Good Day, Competitors

WE are very excited about the NOSA SDDA trial this Saturday, July 9 and would like to address some of the questions you may have.  Do not hesitate to contact me if you have other questions that are not addressed in this message.

In anticipation of the heat of a summer trial, we are starting the trial as early in the morning as we can.  We are scheduling a check-in time of 7:30 a.m. with competitor and non-competitor waivers to be signed.  We are scheduling the exterior runs as early in the day as possible for each level. Our goal is to do the morning welcome and walk-throughs at 7:45 a.m. with first dog on the line for 8:15 a.m.

About the Site:

St. Margaret’s School, located at 1080 Lucas Ave, Victoria, BC V8X 3P7 is a private school located in a beautiful, wooded setting in Victoria.  There is on-site security, please do not enter the premises before Saturday at 7:15 am.   (Some volunteers may be asked to come for an earlier arrival time).  

There have been some difficulties with GPS locating the school.  The easiest way to find the school is to approach off Quadra Street and turn east on Ambassador.  But there are 3 possible routes to SMS as marked up on map below.

Please ensure that you respect the following:

  1. Dogs must be on leash when out of the vehicle or crated/secure in vehicles.  Allow a comfortable space when passing other dogs, and if you wish to identify your requirement for more space, please use a red bandana or scarf on your dog’s neck to visually indicate this. 
  2. There are some trees in the parking lot but prepare for heat and bring whatever you need to keep your dogs and yourself cool and comfortable.
  3. Do not walk dogs down the back driveway (left/west side of the property) the area will be cordoned off with cones.   The chip trail (east side of property ) is open for walking dogs as well as the field however, the playground and tennis courts are strictly off limits. 
  4. Washrooms are in the admin building and there will be signs indicating where the washrooms are – dogs are prohibited in the admin building.
  5. There are no concessions on site.  The closest restaurants and grocery stores are located on McKenzie and Quadra, about 5 – 7 minutes from the site. 
  6.  Please pick up after your dog and deposit it in the specified garbage bins in the area. 
  7. We will also have recycling boxes set out on the property as we cannot use either the St. Margaret’s garbage or recycling receptacles.

Component order:

The running orders for the day will be posted at the check-in.

We have two judges and a very full trial.  We ask that everyone please keep a close watch for their number on the flip signs and follow the directions as set out below: 

For Excellent/Games Competitors

The competitor numbers will be set-up in the excellent/games parking area under a tent.  The number on the sign is the competitor who should be waiting under the tent.  This is the HOLD area.  You will then be directed to the ON DECK area where we ask that you, please sit behind the tarp until you are called in to the search area.

For Starter/Advanced Competitors

The competition order numbers will be set-up at the top of the walkway in the parking lot by the bus stop.  The number on the sign is the competitor who should be waiting at that spot.  This is the HOLD area.  You will then be directed to the ON DECK area under the tent.  Please stay there until you are called in to the building to your search area.

It is very important to keep the flow going as we are under a time constraint by the venue for this trial.  We ask all competitors to please move into the HOLD area immediately when you see your number come up.

Thank you for helping us to stay on time.

We are aware that there are few competitors who will find themselves in two components that are running simultaneously under the two different judges.  We are working hard to ensure that the running orders take these conflicts into consideration. HOWEVER, if it does not work out as planned and you find yourself required in two places at the same time,  please notify one of the gate stewards, Ali Edgell, Betsy Moyer or me and we will work to rearrange the running orders.

WE are looking forward to seeing all of you on Saturday.

Laurie Payten